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Target the Right People!


Book the work you Really Want!


Build Lasting Industry Relationships :)

  • Stop wasting money on workshops that go nowhere


  • Stop wasting time figuring out who to meet, and how to get their attention


  • Basically, I do all the work for you to set the track that is best for you, and you just have to show up and start booking! :)

  • Actor Target Relationship is exactly how it sounds, a program designed to help actors really zone in on meeting and developing relationships with the right people to book the work they want.


  • I provide you with a list of casting directors currently casting in the genre that you want to focus on (TV, film or commercials), or agents/ managers depending on your goal, and these are your targets.


  • The key is constant in person contact. You're target list rotates and you get to meet with someone every week, truly get to know them, and develop that relationship. You never have to worry about when/ where the next time you see them will be, that's taken care of for you.


  • I keep you updated on what they are casting and when at all times. I'll also give you tips on other ways you can stay in touch, such as: mailings, and send you reminders of when the best time to do that is, and how to do it. I make sure all of your targets know you are in this program, so they know who you are from the start and know you want to develop that relationship with them.


What is Actor Target Relationship?

Am I right for Actor Target Relationship?

  • That depends, are you really ready to focus and commit to your acting career and a specific goal?


  • Actor Target Relationship is not about going out there and trying to meet every casting director and agent at the same time. It's really designed to help you know and book with certain power people in very specific areas of the business, either TV, film, commercials or finding representation. 


  • If you are still finding yourself and don't know what you want as an actor, it's not for you. It requires a long term commitment to both yourself and the targets you are looking to connect with of either six months or a year. Space is very limited, so every actor part of the program needs to be truly ready.


  • It's for actors who know what they want, are ready to commit to it and go out and book it! :)

How do I know this works?

  • I've seen this work from both sides of the biz!



  • As an actor I worked with the amazing Dallas Travers who coached me, and after I started implementing her ideas I noticed that the people who called me in and I booked with were the ones who I had taken the time to meet in person on a regular consistent basis.


  • A good specific example of this is my wonderful realtionship with writer/ director/ producer John Gallagher. I first met him at a film festival, I followed up by taking his classes, over the course of which I met with him six times. He has now become a close friend and mentor to me, and we've since worked together on six films.


  • As a writer/ director/ producer myself, I've also seen it work on me! I've written/ directed/ produced two short films, three TV pilots/ webseries and one feature film (that won best picture!) over the past three years, and in every one I've hired fellow actors who I would see consistantly and that took the time to get to know me and my work.

Choose The Target Track right for you:

Want to book a co-star, guest star, or series regular on a TV show? Click the TV Target and get started!   

Want to book a supporting or starring role in a film? Click the Film Target and get started!  

Want to book a national commercial? Click the Commercials Target and get started!  

Looking for a new Agent or Manager? Click the Agent/ Manager Target and get started!  

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