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Kelc Productions is a NYC based indie film company dedicated to bringing female driven stories to the screen. We work in TV, film and new media. 


"It's All About Me"

In this in your face comedy, two lifelong friends explore sex, art, and the new American dream as they start their own wine business while keeping their focus where it counts: on them.

A partnership between Kelsey O'Brien and Angela Cohen has emerged to create the Production Company, Chicks Before Dicks Productions and the new series “It’s All About Me”. It's a female driven comedy that breaks the mold of traditional female characters. It's "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia/ The League meets The Mindy Project". 


For more on Enchantments click the drop down page above under Kelc Productions

 Kelc Productions collaborated with 305 Media Group in 2013 to make it's first short, A Good Friend.


A Good Friend premiered at The Soho International Film Festival in NY in 2013, it then went onto The New York International Film Festival 2013 and The Tiny Film Festival 2014.



 The world of dating in this fun short actually serves as a parallel to the acting world and the infinite advice actors are given. Actors sometimes follow advice that may not be most helpful to them out of desperation, or because they trust the source, much like the world of dating. The moral is of course as Jane Austen once wrote in Mansfield Park, “We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be”.

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